Plenty of outside North Dakotan's will be invading the Peace Garden State over the next couple of weeks for the holidays.  Before they get to comfortable in our state, here's why you should NOT move to North Dakota.

10.  Winter driving.  Yep, it's brutal and  you have to be prepared to allow yourself a lot of extra time to get to your destination for much of the winter.

9.  Shoveling snow.  Something people in warmer states take for granted.  It's hard work and not to mention can be bone chillin' cold.

8.  We have the most bars.  That's right we have the most bars per capita than any other state in the US.  1 for every 1600 residents.

7.  We're in the Top 3 in the US for Binge drinking and Top 5 in DUI's.  Yep, we have an alcohol problem.

6.  Bad for singles.  Just about every study shows that.  Dating apps don't help either...The population is so spread out, you might have a 2 hour drive for a "Tinder" hook up.

5.  Your neighbors in North Dakota could possibly be livestock.  They smell and attract bugs, predators and lonely Greek men.

4.  Wildlife everywhere.  Yep, and they always seem to run into your vehicle at the most inopportune time.  Wildlife attract predators, Peta members and lonely men who still subscribe to Field and Stream magazine.

3.  Summers are short and bugs take over.  We only get 3,4 or maybe 5 months of decent weather and the mosquitoes are around for most of them.  Yep, North Dakota gives more blood than any other state, but most of it goes to insects.

2. We don't have any pro sports teams and we have to borrow them from Minnesota.  I won't even get into how tough it is to be a Vikings fan.

1.  It's BORING.  That's the #1 thing I hear from my non North Dakota friends.  How do you live there?  There's nothing to do?  Maybe that's why we drink so much?

Here's the thing...That's the BEAUTY of North Dakota.  We have room to breathe.  And our air smells pretty good, unless the wind is just right from KIST auction.  wink wink.  If you're from New York, LA, Chicago, yes you would be board to tears, but there's just enough of us who like it this way.  It's a great place to raise a family, a nice quiet life and I for one, would not trade it for the world.  So maybe that's why things are the way they are around here.  We don't want a ton of people invading our state.  Yes, we like guests...Just don't stay too long.

Have a Merry Christmas everybody!

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