Things can only get better in 2021 right?  At least that's what we keep telling ourselves.  Meanwhile, people still continue to panic buy.  I know I've been waiting for a variety items at local stores to become available.  Every time, the excuse...the "coronavirus" or where waiting on that item due to "COVID-19."  Many times it's because people are panic buying these items they really don't need to.  Case in point, toilet paper.  There really is no reason to stock pile toilet paper.  Yet, people continue to do it, every time the numbers go up, or rumors of shutdowns or lockdowns.  I believe I may have found a way to remedy the toilet paper shortage in this video.


However, that could get a little cold once we get snow on the ground here in North Dakota.  lol Not to mention you might get some pretty funny looks from your neighbors.  I might have to go back to the drawing board on the whole TP shortage.

According to numerous publications, and stores I've visited in Bismarck Mandan, here are some items that are expected to be in short supply this winter.

Items In Short Supply This Winter


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