Let's face it, North Dakota isn't for everybody.

The cold, long winters, mosquitos, and lack of things to do or boring lifestyle, are common complaints.  Despite that, people were flocking to North Dakota that last 10 years.  The state now ranks in the top 5 fastest growing states per capita according to the 2020 census.  The majority of growth came from jobs in the petroleum industry.  However, those jobs took a big hit during the coronavirus pandemic.

Despite the up and down rollercoaster world we're living in, North Dakota has mass appeal for many.

I've lived in North Dakota for all but two long years in my life.  What's funny, during my time away in California, all I could think of, was how do I make it back home to North Dakota.  Yep, I'm a lifer' in North Dakota, and wouldn't have it any other way.

According to an article in HomeSnacks, these are the 10 BEST cities to live in North Dakota for 2021.

You might be surprised at some of the cities that made the list, with 3 new entries from last years study.  The data was based on low crime, great jobs, short commute times and solid schools.  Small towns did especially well with that criteria.  Let's get to it, here's this years top 10!  We have SEVERAL cities close to Bismarck Mandan that made the list.

Top 10 North Dakota Cities To Live In


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