New laws just went into effect in North Dakota, but this is somewhat different. Here are some of the weirdest laws in every state according to Daily Meal.

Lisa Lake / Getty Images
Lisa Lake / Getty Images

New driving laws just went into effect in the state including higher penalties for littering. According to the Daily Meal who recently published the weirdest laws in every state, the one listed for the Peace Garden State is very weird and is still being broken.

In North Carolina, their weirdest law is, it is illegal to steal used frying grease from a restaurant. In New Hampshire, it's illegal to tap your foot or to display that your enjoying music (being listened to on a headset or ear-phones) in public places such as a café.

Next door in Minnesota, you better not get caught crossing state lines with a duck on your head, ILLEGAL! (that's strange and you have to wonder how that came about)

In North Dakota, it is illegal to serve pretzels and beer together in a bar, even in a restaurant. You know, you have already snacked on those salty snacks while guzzling your favorite draft!

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