North Dakota is "Legendary" and full of city names that are tough to pronounce.  "Ya fer sure, you betcha!" Not only for "out-of-staters" but even some of us locals struggle to say the names of these towns correctly. Most of these are smaller communities but even a few of our bigger cities get mispronounced on occasion.

Now, I'm a life long North Dakota resident. Okay, minus two long years I spent away from this great state when I took a radio gig in Santa Barbara, California. I have a lot of North Dakota experience. Hunting and fishing trips, road trips, family vacations, playing sports growing up, and softball tournaments in my adult years.  I have explored just about every nook and cranny of our great state.

I have been to every one of the following cities I'm about to share with you. Either passing through, or at one of their small town bars, restaurants or gas stations. Heck, I may have even "crashed" a party in one of these cities. My 20s are pretty much a blur, so bear with me. In fact, I lived in the city that's number one on my list, and there's a pretty good chance you mispronounce it. Old habits die hard, right? However, I guarantee you, people in this city know you're saying it wrong.  They've just given up trying to get people to say it correctly. So here goes. These are "The Top 10 Mispronounced City Names in North Dakota." I hope to teach you something today!

The Top 10 Mispronounced City Names in North Dakota

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