Turns out that when it comes to friendliness, not all states are created equal. From old school Southern charm to outright city rudeness, there’s varying degrees of politeness. A new poll from Big 7 Travel asked a social audience of 1.5 million people “what are the friendliest states in America?”

From strangers helping you find your way when your phone doesn’t work to making new best friends in a local bar, these are the states across the USA where you’ll be made to feel the most (and least!) welcome.

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So, how did North Dakota fair?  It was favorable, but not as high as I would've expected.  We checked in at number 25 right smack dab in the middle.  South Dakota fared a little better at #20, while Montana was back in the pack!

So, who came in at number one?  And who's the least friendliest?  New York gets that title.  No surprise.  And the most friendly goes to MINNESOTA!  The term "Minnesota Nice" really is a thing.  Now, if the Vikings could only win a Super Bowl!



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