The "C" word.  I hate to even say it, let alone type it.

Unfortunately, it's a big part of everyday life in North Dakota.  I think just about everybody has been affected by cancer to some degree.  If not ourselves, somebody in our life has taken that journey.  Oftentimes, it's a fatal journey.

So many things factor into cancer rates across North Dakota and the USA for that matter.

According to an article on Stacker, they range from personal habits (smoking, unhealthy eating), genetics, air pollution, to even the water we drink in any given area.

People also experiencing social, economic, or environmental disadvantages are disproportionately affected by high cancer rates in certain regions of North Dakota and across our country.  Lack of access or barriers to early screening care for cancer contributes to higher cancer rates.

Even your career choice in life can contribute to your chances of developing cancer.  People working in the meat industry, and rubber manufacturing workers, and farmers.

Speaking of farming, North Dakota being an agriculture leader in the country exposes us to a lot of cancer-causing chemicals.

The following are "The 10 Counties in North Dakota with the Highest Cancer Rates", using data from the CDC.

I find it interesting that all of the top 10 counties are mostly rural (agricultural) counties.

#10 Hettinger County-Noteable cities include Mott and Regent.

#9 Eddy County-Noteable cities include New Rockford and Sheyenne.

#8 Foster County-Noteable cities include Carrington and Grace City.

#7 McIntosh County-Noteable cities include Wishek and Ashley.

#6 Griggs County-Noteable cities include Cooperstown and Binford.

#5 McLean County-Noteable cities include Turtle Lake and Washburn.

#4 Wells County-Nobeable cities include Harvey and Fessenden.

#3 Emmons County-Noteable cities include Hazelton and Linton.

#2 Sheridan County-Noteable cities include McClusky and Goodridge.

#1 Nelson County-Noteable cities include Michigan and Lakota.

*** Morton County came in at #30 and Burleigh County came in at #34.

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