The Cost of Intoxication: The average North Dakotan lost $380 in personal possessions over the past year, reveals survey.


  • 1 in 10 use social media to piece together what happened on a boozy night out.
  • 1/4 feel regret and shame when they wake up with a hangover.
  • 14% have lost friendships as a result of things that have happened while drunk,
  • Interactive map included showing results across the nation.
Friends drinking beer
Anna Gontarek-Janicka

It’s easy to forget the words ‘drink responsibly’ while enjoying a night out on the town – especially when you’re struggling to remember much else, like your name or where you live. To many Americans adults, this may sound familiar and somewhat amusing, but in fact, consuming large quantities of alcohol can be extremely dangerous and result in memory lapse, blackouts and loss of important personal possessions, such as your wallet, cell phone, ID and house keys.


Clinical and support service provider for addiction and mental health disorders, Laguna Treatment, conducted a survey of 3,000 drinkers in the U.S. to investigate the cost they incur of lost personal possessions as a result of drinking too much alcohol. It was found that the average American drinker lost $192.55 in personal possessions over the past year – roughly the cost of 128 beers!*


However, it is North Dakotan's who have suffered the greatest financial pain (and subsequent hangovers), as they have lost the most in the country over the past calendar year – to the value of $380.00. Could this have something to do with the fact that The Peace Garden State has the highest binge drinking statistics** in the country?


Laguna Treatment has created an interactive map to show the results across America:



The research also found that 32% of drinkers admit they are most likely to lose their cell phone on a night out. Perhaps this has something to do with the abundance of drunken selfies snapped throughout the night… This was followed by keys (29%), cash (17%), jewelry (15%) and wallets (7%).


Broken down by gender, 37% of women admit their cell phone is most likely to go missing after a big night, followed by keys (31%), jewelry (16%), cash (13%) and wallet (3%). Men, however, say they are most likely to lose their keys (28%) – this was followed by their cell phone (26%), cash (22%), jewelry (12%) and wallet (12%).

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