Beside the movie and series 'Fargo', I cannot think of any movie set from North Dakota. And we all know, most of 'Fargo' was filmed in Minnesota with a small portion of the movie filmed in North Dakota. released a list of the best movie set in every state and if you were thinking 'Fargo' would be on the list for North Dakota, you'd be wrong.

For the Peace Garden state, our film is a documentary, one that I have watched several times and it was set in the Bakken, and dealing with the hardships men faced moving to the area is search of jobs. The ending is a twist that you would not see coming and most of all, the docu-movie 'The Overnighters', is based on real events and the lives of real people trying to move and make a new start in the Bakken and trying to survive the harsh winter, high rental prices and a high demand for jobs in Western North Dakota.

By the way, the best movie set for Minnesota is 'Fargo'.

See the complete list here.

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