Say Cheese! Let's face it, there are not too many ways to screw up a grilled cheese sandwich. It's just bread, cheese and grilled until the cheese melts. Sound pretty simple to me.

You know someone, somewhere had a bit too much time on their hands and had to come up with the best grilled cheese sandwich in every state list. How difficult could this be? The ingredients are simple as I point out in the opening paragraph.

USA Today published the top honors in every state and I now see, the simple grilled cheese sandwich has gone gourmet with the addition of add on ingredients.

For example, the best grilled cheese sandwich in Ohio is from Timmy's Meltdown. The Columbus food truck has the main ingredients such as bread, but not just any bread, they use sourdough bread and cheese, but not just any cheese. They stuff between the bread double pepper jack cheese and they also put hot peppers and pepperoni on the sandwich. Now I ask you, isn't this a grilled cheese and hot pepper with pepperoni sandwich? If you are adding other ingredients to your grilled cheese, it then becomes something else. Am I wrong in assuming this?

A grilled cheese sandwich is simple. Bread, cheese and possibly butter on the bread as spread before you place the sandwich on the grill. BOOM, grilled cheese sandwich!

USA Today names Rosey's Bistro and Bar in Fargo as the top spot in North Dakota receiving the honors for having the best grilled cheese sandwich in the state. Rosey's keeps it simple with bread, butter and cheese. And voila! That is a grilled cheese sandwich! Yet, Rosey's does spice it up if you desire. They do call themselves "A Grilled Cheese Bistro" with specialty offerings paired with Bacon, Chicken, Brisket, or Crab. That crab grilled cheese sandwich does sound like it would hit the spot!

For what its worth, I like a plain grilled cheese sandwich with sliced pickles. And I guess that would be a grilled cheese with pickles. Try it, I bet you'll like it!

You can see all of the winners from every state here.

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