Let's talk yard bird! Translation, chicken as in fried chicken. When it comes to fried chicken, I can honestly say, there is not one single diner in the Bismarck-Mandan which I would consider my go-to place for fried chicken.

Hold on, I do have a favorite fried chicken place, after thinking about it. I'll share my number one go to spot for fried chicken a little later.

Cheapism.com published the list of the best fried chicken in every state. You know we could not wait to find the best place serving up great fried chicken in North Dakota.

Cheapism used comments from Yelp and other sources.

Head to Fargo to get the best fried chicken in the state. The Shack on Broadway is the spot for the best-fried poultry in the state. The Shack is a down to home diner featuring a large menu from breakfast to dinner.

At The Shack,the fried chicken is complete with a side of potato (various fries, hash brown, baked, or mashed), baked beans, coleslaw, salad, or a cup of soup. The Shack has been serving up delicious food for over 20 years.

Being from Louisiana, I would be remiss if I didn't share a little Cajun food culture with you. Popeye's, Louisiana fried chicken is some of the best if you're looking for fast food fried chicken. There is a North Dakota location in Fargo. You'll love the biscuits and if you have a yankin' for fried shrimp, go for it, Popeye's does it up right.

My favorite spot for fried chicken in the Bismarck-Mandan area is the location on Main St. in Mandan. I'm speaking of Pizza Ranch. I LOVE THEIR CHICKEN! It's so good!  The chicken is part of the buffet, so get the buffet. Enjoy a salad (if you want healthy), have a few pieces of pizza, but, safe room on your plate for the fried chicken. How they do it, I have no idea. I love their fried chicken so much. It's seasoned perfectly. Well worth the trip to Mandan.





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