published a list of the best dive bar in every state. Think about this, the term dive bar is subjective, in my opinion. What I may consider a dive bar, you may find to be a luxurious bar. Just an observation.

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We all have our favorite bars, be it a dive bar or not. Take for instance, Tap-N- Tavern, Bismarck. This is my 'go to' dive bar. Always the coldest beer, always great service and friendly people. TNT is a bar you can 'go as you are', no special attire needed. But, TNT did not make the list for the best dive bar in North Dakota.

According to Thrillist, the best dive bar in North Dakota is located in Fargo. Empire Tavern. The Empire Tavern opened as a Greek restaurant, and years later became a bar. The Empire is known for very stiff drinks. Which brings me to my next point. The Comfort Inn bar is the place in Bismarck for the stiffest drink in town. I speak from experience!

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