The Daily Meal has released a list of the best all-you can eat deal in every state.

I know this is going to cause a bit of a debate, I miss the Golden Corral and Bonanza. For starters, I really loved each of their salad bars. Outside of that, they were a real good value.

I know, there are some that would debate about the quality of the food, honestly, I have never had a meal where I thought I didn't get my value. It is true, there are better steaks in town, but, I didn't go to either thinking I was going to a five-star restaurant.

I liked the variety and the value.

And most people that hit an all-you can eat bar, want food and value. Certainly, there must be a few items on the bar, where you can feel as though you received your moneys worth. There is always something for everyone, plus really good desserts, if you're into that kind of thing.

The Daily Meal released a list of the best all-you can eat value in every state, and for North Dakota, the top spot went to Passage to India, Fargo. I never been there, but if you have, please share your thoughts on your most recent visit.

Let me share another local spot, Pizza Ranch in Mandan. They have a huge salad bar, all you can eat pizza, and will even make your favorite pizza if it's not on the bar and the best fried chicken! Jus' sayin.

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