When I left the radio station last night, I had a white knuckle ride back to my home south of Lincoln for the ages.  I barely and I mean barely made it home.  My windshield wipers couldn't keep up with the snow coming down on my truck.  There were times I had to stick my head outside of my vehicle to even see because my windshield visibility was so terrible.

View from my driveway south of Lincoln this morning.

Rick Rider
Rick Rider

Thankfully, I made it home.  I know plenty of Bismarck Mandan people that weren't so lucky and spent some time stuck on a road or a ditch during the record-breaking snowstorm.  Officially, according to the National Weather Service in Bismarck that was the second most snow we've ever received in a 24-hour period in the Capital City.

Bismarck received 17 inches at the airport which was .03 short of breaking the all-time record.

Other parts of the city however smashed the all-time record as much as 24 inches were reported.

Here are some of the snowfall totals across the area and North Dakota from Yesterday.

Bismarck (National Weather Service Airport)-17 inches

Hebron-18 inches

Center-18 inches

Mandan-24 inches

Bismarck (NE part of town)-23 inches

Lincoln (SE of town)-19 inches

Steele-22 inches

Braddock-16 inches

Underwood-14.5 inches

Hazen-15 inches

Beulah-14.7 inches

Stanton-10.5 inches

Dickinson-13 inches

New England-14.8 inches

Reeder-7 inches

Wing-22 inches

New Salem-17.3 inches

Garrison-10.5 inches

Yep, a storm for the decades. 

Looks like an early winter and don't expect this to melt anytime soon.  High temps are only going to be in the teens to low 20 over the next week with overnight lows in the single digits below zero to single digits above zero.

I think winter is officially here to stay.  I've been meaning to get back into snow skiing anyway.  Stay warm my friends.

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