Not that you need help in finding things to do while you're snowed in, but we thought we'd give you a list of things to do. Who knows, something could be on this list that you've never thought about before.

Scott Olson / Getty Images
Scott Olson / Getty Images

First and foremost, stay warm and keep the fireplace roaring. Think about cooking something easy and hot. Try throwing a roast in the crock pot. Put a few veggies in there and boom, you've got a good hot meal that you can feast on for a couple of days.

Online shopping is a great way to pass time. Right now, there are plenty of bargains online as retailers continue with Black Friday deals. Don't forget about Seize the You'll find real good stocking stuffers from local merchants.

Catch up on Netflix. On a snowed in day, you can watch a classic movie or you can do marathon watching of a complete season of Friends or The Simpsons.

Reconnect with old friends. This is a perfect time to call someone and communicate with them the old fashion way, talking to them instead of text message.

If you're feeling really energized, you can clean or reorganize a closet or basement.

You love music? You can reorganize your MP3 player.

This seems boring, but you could meditate or do yoga. Listen to the sounds of the snow outside and breathe deeply. Clear your mind.

If you want to experiment, you can try a new hair style or try cooking something you've never cooked before. Even try your hand at baking.

Then there is the obvious, you can have sex and make future plans for your family.

While it's cold, now is a good time to plan your summer vacation.

If you’re stuck with your family, you can play cards or a board game or X Box.