This weekend we will "Spring Forward" in North Dakota and all across America.

That's right, we will usher in Daylight Savings Time for another year.  Something, many of us wish we would stay on permanently.  Despite plenty of talk about doing that year-round, it never seems to happen.

I know I'm not looking forward to an hour less of sleep on Saturday night/ Sunday morning.  Not only that but for many of us, your body just seems to be lethargic all week.  That's another whole story.

Let's get back to what we can expect weather-wise for the next 3 months in North Dakota.

According to the National Weather Service, temperatures are going to remain ABOVE normal through the end of May for all of North Dakota.  This continues with the trend we've been experiencing since the El Nino weather pattern took hold last fall.

As far as precipitation goes, we have equal chances of NORMAL precipitation during March, April, and May.

NOAA/National Weather Service
NOAA/National Weather Service

I know there are a lot of concerns across the state with the lack of snowfall this winter that we could be going into a drought.  Much of the state is abnormally dry or in moderate drought conditions with the exception of southwest North Dakota.

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US Drought Monitor
US Drought Monitor

There are signs that we will be transitioning to a La Nina weather pattern this summer which could mean cooler and wetter conditions.

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