North Dakota got a good shot of rain ahead of the 4th of July holiday from Friday to Monday.

Northeast Bismarck received 3 inches of unexpected rain on Thursday evening (There wasn't even rain in the forecast).  As we all know living in central and southwest North Dakota, we'll never say no to rain.  We all know how quickly things can change and how quickly it can go dry.

As I was driving to work this 4th of July evening, I was amazed at how green it was in south Bismarck and Mandan.

Even in my little corner of the world south of Lincoln, we received 1.5 inches of rain according to my home rain gauge.  Our little sandpit is "greening up" and that says something there where moisture is always at a premium.

July can be a feast or famine in North Dakota when it comes to rain.

If you get under a thunderstorm or two, you'll be alright.  However, it can also be hot and very dry, where you're just begging for a drop of moisture or two.  Thankfully, the thunderstorms have been around so far this summer, and without a lot of crop damage.  The crops look pretty good in our neck of the state right and the farmers have to be pretty happy.

Here are your 72-hour rainfall totals for south central North Dakota and other parts of the state, according to

Bismarck-1.34 inches of rain.

Menoken-.91 inches of rain.

Lincoln-1.53 inches of rain.

Driscoll-.75 inches of rain.

Hazelton-1.34 inches of rain.

Linton-1.44 inches of rain.

Wilton-.93 inches of rain.

New Salem-1.44 inches of rain.

Mandan-.94 inches of rain.

Hebron-2.4 inches of rain.

Glen Ullin-2.3 inches of rain.

Richardton-3.1 inches of rain (high water mark for the state).

Elgin-1.6 inches of rain.

Flasher-1.3 inches of rain.

Mott-2.5 inches of rain.

Regent-1.4 inches of rain.

Dickinson-.91 inches of rain.

Minot-.21 inches of rain.

Jamestown-1.43 inches of rain.

Fargo-.43 inches of rain.

Williston-.31 inches of rain.

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