North Dakota got drenched again last night.

Much of the state saw 3/4 of an inch to over an inch of rain.  Thunderstorms developed over western North Dakota Monday evening and continued to move to the east dropping heavy rain and especially over parts of south-central to northeast North Dakota.

One spot in North Dakota reported over 3 inches of rain.  More on that in a moment.

Much of the country is bracing for a heatwave this week.  Not in North Dakota.

In fact, southwest North Dakota could see frost tonight.  According to the National Weather Service, places like Regent, Mott, Hettinger, and Bowman could see patch frost.

Our temperatures are expected to remain mostly seasonal through the weekend, with more chance for significant rain on both Friday and Saturday this week.

Here are your estimated radar rainfall totals from and reports from the Community Collaborative Rain, Hail, and Snow Network.

Lincoln received .95 inches of rain.

Bismarck (downtown) received .86 inches of rain.

Hazen received .55 inches of rain.

Hebron received .69 inches of rain.

Sharon received 2.3 inches of rain.

North Bismarck received 1.01 inches of rain.

Valley City received 1.06 inches of rain.

Fargo received .80 inches of rain.

West Fargo received .58 inches of rain.

Ellendale received 1.23 inches of rain.

Grand Forks received 2.02 inches of rain.

Wishek received 2.30 inches of rain.

Beulah received .45 inches of rain.

Dickinson received .91 inches of rain.

Minot received 1.05 inches of rain.

Fargo received .82 inches of rain.

Mandan received .67 inches of rain.

Menoken received 1.04 inches of rain.

Jamestown received 3.5 inches of rain. (Highest total in the state)

Harvey received 1.92 inches of rain.

Flasher received 1.15 inches of rain.

St. Anthony received 1.33 inches of rain.

Williston received .31 inches of rain.

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