How about a few laughs and you can help out the homeless?  Stage Stop, is hosting comedian Elvis Mujic on Friday, September 11th and Saturday, September 12th.  The cover charge for the show is a new pair of socks or underwear.  That's right, no money!  A pair of socks or underwear.  Elvis Mujic travels the country doing comedy shows calling it his "Socks & Undies Comedy Tour."  Between now and showtime, collection boxes are being put up around town where people can make donations for his cause.

So who is Elvis Mujic?  According to the Salvation Army's website Mujic was born in Bosnia, at the time of his birth it was known as Yugoslavia. His parents decided to give him a western name so that he would not have an Islamic name during a time of Islamic religious intolerance in Yugoslavia. At the age of 7 his family decided to move to the United States and took up residence in Detroit, Michigan.  Mujic studied philosophy at Amherst College in Massachusetts for a short time, but left to pursue a career in comedy once he discovered joy in lifting others’ spirits. He actually lived in a minivan between 2013 and 2016 and traveled to 47 states, practicing his brand of guerrilla comedy.  Now he's coming to North Dakota!

Elvis Mujic will be performing at Stage Stop bar located at 611 6th Ave SE in Mandan.  You'll often times find Mujic doing his comedy shows at homeless shelters across the country.  His goal is to provide shelters as a place to laugh and converse with their local community. While shelters aren’t commonplace for stand-up sets, Mujic says he finds joy performing in nontraditional settings.


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