This past weekend, my son and I enjoyed a fun weekend of waterfowl hunting.  The sounds of Snow Geese north of Bismarck was deafening.  In fact, when I went to bed this past Saturday night, that's all I heard was Snow Geese.  It made it hard to sleep.

We set up diver decoys on a small lake Saturday morning and the birds cooperated.  We shot a limit of Bluebills in just over an hour.  We also got a bonus Snow goose that morning.


 Day #2 we decided to try another lake close by the previous body of water to mix it up.  However, the ducks did not cooperate on Sunday.  We got skunked.  That's why they call it hunting right?  The Snow Geese however were thick and several flocks decided to venture a little to close to us.


My son shot his first ever Snow Goose which was a big thrill for him.  We ended up with 5 geese for the day and headed back to Bismarck just in time to catch the Vikings lose.  Oh, well hunting seldom disappoints, unlike my favorite football team.


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