Sounds nice doesn't?  Cancel Rent in North Dakota.  That's the message a small group of protesters in Grand Forks, North Dakota where trying to get across.  According to an article on KX News about 15 protesters gathered in downtown Grand Forks on Saturday marching to make housing a basic right.  According to one protester even the UN has declared  housing a basic right.  Yet here in America that is not the case.

Protesters main message was preventing evictions.  According to the article, North Dakota housing data shows that an estimated 23,000 households are at risk for eviction in the state.

The protesters started marching at Townsquare in Grand Forks. They then marched to the Grand Forks County Courthouse, where they read off a letter to city leaders asking for change.  They're hoping that their voices are not just heard by the city of Grand Forks, or in the state of North Dakota, but by representatives in Congress too.

According to the article, one of the marchers was Doug Richards a protester representing RRV Democratic Socialists of America.

So if we cancel rent in North Dakota during economic hardships, should we also cancel mortgage payments?  Seems fair doesn't it?  Here's my problem with this message.  I know people who own properties.  When COVID-19 first struck North Dakota and people couldn't pay their rent.  The banks didn't allow landlords to miss their payments.  Instead they we're forced to dip into their savings and in some cases 401K's or retirement.  That's right, like the old saying, "There is no such thing as a FREE lunch!  Somebody is going to have to pay.



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