Well, we have plenty of open spaces across North Dakota, plenty of clean air to breath, but just how "Green" are we as a state?  According to an article on WalletHub, we have some work to do.

Some interesting takeaways from the study.  Blue States are "greener" compared to Red States.  I guess that's really not a big surprise.  Red States like North Dakota pride themselves on their production of fossil fuels like coal or oil.  Blue States are greener with an average rank of 14.76, compared with Red States, like North Dakota, which have an average rank of 36.24.

Oregon has the highest share of energy consumption from renewable sources.  They get the gold star of the day, with an average of 49.08.  That's 17.8 times higher than the bottom feeder Delaware, who comes in at 2.76.

New York, no surprise, has the highest percentage of people who never drive to work at 45.70 percent, which is 3.4 times higher than Alabama, the state with the lowest at 13.30 percent.

According to the article, the "Greenest" states are as follows: Vermont at #1, followed by New York, Massachusetts, Maryland, & California.  Minnesota came in at #7.  Funny, the "Greenest" states have some of the worst pollution in my opinion.

The "Least Green States" are West Virginia at #50 followed by Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Kentucky & Wyoming.  North Dakota came in at #43.

We all know how important oil and coal is for our economy in North Dakota.  It's tough to come down on our state to much.


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