First off, this is not an April Fools joke.  I was hunting Snow Geese near Sterling, North Dakota one week ago on Friday, March 25th.  I was scanning the skies with my binoculars looking for white birds when something else "white" appeared in my lenses.

Rick Rider
Rick Rider

I watched this object move erratically for about 20 seconds when I decided to take out my iPhone and try to capture some video.  It came out surprisingly well.  It made no sound whatsoever.  The white disc-shaped object was visible for about a total of a minute before it just vanished out of sight.

My first thought was that this was a drone of some kind.  However, this would've had to be a drone the size of a jet airplane.  Some of my friends thought this was maybe some sort of ballon?  Maybe a weather balloon, or perhaps a Loon X balloon used for internet connectivity?  I don't believe we have those in America but maybe it made the trek up here from some foreign country.  Another friend thought maybe it was a Google balloon?

Here are a couple of reasons why I think a balloon of some kind is unlikely.  I'm kind of a weather nerd.  The wind that evening was very strong from the north.  You can hear that in the video.  This object was moving south to north.  Now, I certainly understand the jetstream and upper-level winds.  With a cold front, it's highly likely the jet stream was moving from northwest to southeast, which means the upper-level winds would've been moving this object in the opposite direction.  The other head-scratcher to me is that if this was a balloon why was it shaped like a cigar or oval in nature?

However, I will concede that I"m not an expert on balloons and who knows what the government is doing with them these days.

I'm certainly not saying this object had little green men in it.  I'm just saying a simple explanation in my opinion is not easily explained.  Call Mulder and Scully.  #thetruthisoutthere.  Here's the video.



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