Runnings, a Minnesota-based retailer, has just announced an agreement to purchase another longtime North Dakota retail store.

We have two Runnings stores in the Capital Region.  One in south Bismarck and another on Main Street in Mandan.  Runnings is well-known across America with stores in 12 states from New York to Montana.

Runnings will now expand to 90 locations nationwide with the purchase of 8 stores in North Dakota.

According to a press release from Runnings, the first Runnings store was founded back in 1947 and is owned by the Dennis and Adele Reed Family.  Runnings employs more than 3,000 people across their privately held retail stores.

Runnings is most known for selling a wide selection of pet supplies, sporting goods (including hunting and fishing equipment), clothing, lawn and garden supplies, housewares, tools, farm supplies, toys, and outdoor equipment.

The Runnings locations in Bismarck and Mandan are expected to get some competition as a similar retail store Mills Fleet Farm is expected to open a new location in Bismarck.

Runnings will have a solid footprint in North Dakota with the purchase of 8 Home of Economy stores sprinkled across the state.

Google Maps Screenshot
Google Maps Screenshot

I grew up with a Home of Economy in my hometown of Grand Forks, North Dakota.  Home of Economy's business model is very similar to Runnings, and they are very well known for its Amish Gallery.

Google Maps Screenshot
Google Maps Screenshot

Upon completing the sale to Runnings, the owners of Home of Economy will continue to operate The Amish Gallery (a high-quality furniture retail store) in a new independent location in Grand Forks, North Dakota.

The 8 Home of Economy retail stores that will transition to Runnings are located in Grand Forks, Grafton, Devils Lake, Rugby, Minot, Williston, Jamestown, and Watford City.

Home of Economy has been in business for 85 years and was founded by Bob and Jean Kiesau.

The purchase of Home of Economy by Runnings is scheduled to be completed sometime in Septemeber.  The stores will continue operating as Home of Economy for a limited time period as they are transitioned to the Runnings brand.

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