Planned, rolling black outs are taking place in and around the Bismarck Mandan area.  According to an article from the Minot Daily News,  Governor Doug Burgum is asking citizens of North Dakota to conserve energy as a polar vortex grips the country.

Burgum issued a statement on Monday, February 15th, after Southwest Power Pool, whose 14 state electrical transmission area includes parts of North Dakota, declared an Energy Emergency Alert Level 3 and directed it's member utilities to implement controlled interruptions of service to prevent further power outages.  That's why you're seeing these power interruptions across North Dakota today.

Extreme cold has hit the central United States and extends all the way from North Dakota down to Texas.  Much of the Lone Star State had Winter Storm Warnings on Monday, and as much as a foot of snow fell.  Kansas City, Missouri was 1 below zero Monday morning, only the 5th time it's ever gone below zero in that city before.

So basically, since these southern states can't handle the cold, and their residents probably still have their thermostats set at 75 degrees, we have to pay for it North Dakota.  I don't know about you, but we have our heat set at 63 degrees in the winter.  That's right, 63 degrees in the middle of a polar vortex.  I love that term, "polar vortex", we have another term for it in North Dakota.  "Winter!"  You truly do get soft living in these southern states and it's crazy how they shut down the entire state after a couple of inches of snow and temps fall into the 20's.  Kind of sad really, and like I said, now we have to pay for it.


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