We know how money issues between friends and roommates can be a sensitive issue at times. Money issues concerning rent ended up placing a Bismarck man in jail.

KFYR is reporting a Bismarck woman called the police Thursday when things escalated to the point where she felt threatened.

The woman was being asked for rent by her roommate, 38-year-old Dannon Hass. It was at this point where the situation started to get ugly.

In police reports, the woman said Hass went into her room and started to throw her things around, and she wanted to make sure he was not throwing her personal possessions away.

While she was outside checking to see if any of her items were being thrown away, she saw Hass in the garage pointing a gun as if he was practicing.

She went into the house locked herself in the bathroom and called 911.

Once police arrived, Hass was not cooperative and denied having a weapon. Police found the gun in the garage.

Hass was charged with terrorizing and can not leave the state until his court date.





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