Just over 10 years ago, Ron Burgundy came to North Dakota to deliver the news.

Back in 2013, the world was preparing for the premiere of Anchorman 2: The Legend ContinuesAnd, as part of a promotional tour for the movie, North Dakota was lucky enough to be graced with the presence of the legend that is Ron Burgundy. That's right, can you believe it's been 10 years since we had the legendary Will Ferrell to deliver the North Dakotans their news?

Will Ferrell reported stories of things happening in both Bismarck and Mandan.

Probably the coolest part about Will Ferrell coming to North Dakota is he was right here in Bismarck for his newscast! And he hilariously reported on a couple of things that happened that day.

Including a trash fire in the Sam's Club parking lot. And people were waiting in line to meet Santa in Mandan. Maybe even a bigger shocker, Will Ferrell aka Ron Burgundy, didn't butcher how to pronounce the city of Mandan.  So, many out-of-state people say "Man-DIN"? Check out Will Ferrell as a North Dakota anchorman below:

How wild would it be to co-anchor with such a legend?

According to the Rolling Stone post about Will Ferrell's Anchorman stint with our media partner KX News, weekend anchor Amber Schatz, was notified that she would be co-anchoring with him a few days before he showed up.

She reportedly told the Associated Press that she struggled to maintain a straight face for the newscast. I have to say that she did an amazing job, only slightly cracking here and there. I think most of us would be in complete shock to be sitting inches away from Will "Freaking" Ferrell.

Such a cool moment for Bismarck Mandan, the time "Ron Burgundy" told Bismarck Mandan to, "Stay classy".

Video courtesy of KXMB-TV YouTube Channel.

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