Remember when Movie-Pass came out, people were excited until the bottom dropped out, then they raised prices and place limitations on the amount of movies their members could view. This is a prime example of buyers remorse. But after you paid for the service and the rules changed, what can you do, you're stuck.

The relationship between Movie Pass and the local theaters has always been a turbulent one to say the least and now the stock prices on Movie-Pass dropped from $2 in January to 2 cents in August according to

Then you have AMC coming to the rescue with their AMC Stubs A-List which kicked off about three months ago and has seen enrollment rise past their expectations with over 380,000 moviegoers as part of their subscription service.

With the AMC Stubs A-List, members can watch up to three movies a month at any AMC and the membership includes specialty theaters like IMAX, RealD 3 and others and it also works with AMC tickets reservations system both on line and on the app. And you get all this for $19.95 a month. AMC took a swipe at Movie-Pass by guaranteeing its customers that the service offers the 12-month protection against changes to the program that could impact prices or services.

With this new program, AMC is projecting an increase in movie attendance since 2015 and this is with the acquisition of Car-Mike theaters. AMC in Bismarck at Gateway Mall was a previous Carmike theater.

Here is the major issue facing all movie theaters, their largest competition are the fact most people enjoy sitting at home watching Netflix or other stay at home movie subscription services such as Amazon movies. These services are economical and convenient for customers. Of course, the obvious is you can not see new releases for sometime on the pay per view services.

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