Madison Johnson from Fargo, North Dakota was the first woman from North Dakota to ever appear on ABC's The Bachelor last night.  I'm just guessing after last night's performance, it will be a while before a NoDak gets back on the show again.

How bad did it go?  Every new season they have at least one crazy contestant on the first episode, and I'm sorry to say that Madison Johnson had the honors last night.

One of our Facebook fans said, "Well, at least she got her name out there."  This is true, but just how bad did it go for her?

She didn't even make it to the final rose ceremony, where they trim the number of women from 30 to 20.  She was asked to leave before that.  Leaving in a ball of tears that had just about every North Dakotan shaking their heads.

I knew it was a bad move when she used the word "uffdah", in her initial meeting with the bachelor Zach Shallcross.

Other highlights include forcing a kiss on the bachelor after stealing him away from another contestant's alone time.  I'm not sure if she had headcheese on her breath or what but that kiss didn't go over well with Zach.  He even made the comment shortly after the moment, "I'm not feeling that kiss."  Never a good sign when a guy says that.

Madison then proceeded to interrupt Zach's meeting with Jessie, the host of the Bachelor as they were talking about the final rose ceremony.  It was at that point that Zach sent her packing before the final rose ceremony even took place.  He did do it in a polite way.

Madison Johnson then went off into the California night in an unstable pool of tears.  Here's that awkward moment from last night.

Video courtesy of Bachelor Nation on ABC YouTube Channel.


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