Well, it can't be the weather right?  North Dakota is one of the Happiest States in the United States according to a new Wallet Hub Study.

As we head into another Autumn (My favorite season) and with Winter right around the corner. (My not so favorite season) It got me thinking why I love this state, and why I have spent just about all of my life here.

I love our outdoor opportunities first and foremost.  Hunting and fishing is second to none.  People, would be the next reason why I love North Dakota.  Super friendly and no matter what part of the state you visit, it's the same.  Next would be wide open spaces and not so many people.  Does that make sense?  I hate traffic and could never live in a large metropolitan place like Minneapolis-St. Paul.  I spent a couple of long years in California and way to much congestion.

To see where North Dakota fell in the study CLICK HERE! 

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