You should pay extra attention to your best friend over the holiday weekend.

There's a mysterious new illness that is impacting dogs across the country.  First off, this is a respiratory illness that can be quite serious, according to NBC Chicago.  This illness is a pneumonia-like sickness that can be potentially fatal if not treated.

Here are the symptoms that you should be looking for.

This illness in your dog will likely start out as a cough and will gradually worsen.  In addition to coughing, your dog may also sneeze, have a discharge from the eyes or nose, and have trouble breathing. Fatigue is also possible for your four-legged friend as well. This illness has also shown signs of being resistant to antibiotics.

What's the most likely way your dog can contract this respiratory illness?

Your dog is likely to get this from another dog.  That means the most likely place is boarding kennels, dog parks, and groomers pose the biggest risk.

Your best way to protect your dog is to keep them away from those types of places (this could be difficult if you're boarding your dog for the Thanksgiving holiday).  Also, avoid contact with other dogs who appear sickly.

So far, ten states across America have seen this canine respiratory illness.

They include Illinois, Oregon, Colorado, New Hampshire, California, Indiana, Washington, Idaho, Georgia, and Florida.

It doesn't appear to be pinpointed to a certain region but instead is spread out all across the country.  Again, if your dog exhibits any of the conditions stated above, you are advised to seek veterinary care as soon as symptoms appear.

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