According to KX News, North Dakota based Fisher Sand & Gravel was awarded the contract for the U.S. Mexico border wall. This is the largest border wall contract ever awarded to a company at more than $30 million per mile according to KX News.

Fisher Sand & Gravel was awarded the $1.275 billion contract to build 42 miles along the southern Arizona border. Fisher Sand & Gravel has an offices in Tempe, Arizona and Tommy Fisher is President and CEO of the company.

The President of the United States used the border wall as one of his main running tools in the 2015-2016 election. Many people are for or against the border wall, but the President was able to gain some popularity by running with the fact that if he gets elected he'll get a border wall up.

According to KX News, Fisher Sand & Gravel was previously awarded a $400 million contract to build 31 miles of wall which is now being reviewed stating that President Donald Trump improperly influenced the process. The President has been promoting the wall during the coronavirus pandemic and has stated the border wall will help stop the spread of the Covid-19 virus.

KX News reports that only 180 miles of the 2,000 mile border wall are constructed at this time. So far with all of the costs of the wall this is the most expensive infrasture projects in the United States history. The Trump administration has used billions of dollars in U.S. military funding to help pay for the wall. For more information click here.


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