There were very few surprises in Tuesday's election in North Dakota.  The candidates labeled as "favorites" all won for the most part.  I guess the only surprise, as far as I'm concerned was by how much Governor Doug Burgum won by.  The margin was overwhelming.  I say this, because of the seemingly discontent on social media concerning how he has been handling the coronavirus pandemic.  Anytime you hear people talking about a write in candidate, it gets you thinking.  In the end, Governor Doug Burgum had 234,741 votes for 69.3%, compared to only 26.7% for challenger Lenz.

According to an article on KX News, more North Dakotan's came out to vote than ever before.  Breaking the 2016 all time record.  North Dakota Secretary of State Al Jaeger says the unofficial numbers indicate 363,357 voters come out in Tuesday's General Election.  In 2016 349,945 voters casted their votes.  That's an increase of over 13,000 plus voters in North Dakota.

According to the article, North Dakota Secretary of State Al Jaeger says these numbers will change as absentee ballots are received by counties that were postmarked on or before November 2nd.  The unofficial breakdown as of the time of this article.  Absentee ballots: 184,565, early voting: 87,823, Election Day: 90,969.  I myself did early voting at Bismarck Event Center where the process was very quick and easy.

North Dakota of course did cast it's 3 electoral college votes for President Trump.  234,845 votes went to Trump 65.5%, compared to 114,450 for Joe Biden 31.9%.  Now we wait for what might be a week or longer to find out who will be our president.  If it ends up in the courts, maybe a lot longer.



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