Every North Dakota legislature session, there always seems to be a few controversial bills.  There's one in particular this year, that is sure to stir the pot.

There's a House Bill floating around the state legislature aimed at transgender athletes.  The bill would prohibit transgender students from participating in the high school sport for their gender identity.

According to an article on Valley New Live, House Bill 1298 says, "Any entity that receives public funding from the state is not allowed to let anyone participate on an athletic team that’s exclusively for males or females. Rather, participants can only play on the teams that match the gender on a person’s original birth certificate at the time of birth."

The bill also puts a ban on a public funded entity to sponsor an event where athletes play in a gender exclusive event, but are not of the sex assigned to them on their original birth certificate.

Legislators who oppose this bill say they hope this bill never sees the light of day.

According to the article, House Minority Leader Josh Boschee, a democrat from Fargo says, “It’s disappointing that this type of legislation is being introduced here in North Dakota. We’re in the middle of a public health crisis, and this is what some Republican legislators seem to think is a priority right now when it hasn’t been an issue in North Dakota."

The North Dakota High School Activities Association already has a policy in place for transgender athletes.

A student that has undergone treatment regarding testosterone is qualified to compete in the gender not associated with their original birth certificate.

So how do you feel on the subject?  Should transgender student athletes be able to play athletics for their gender identity?

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