My mom always said if you have nothing nice to say, "Say nothing at all."  Sorry, mom, I'm going to have to break that promise.

The Minnesota Twins revealed their new uniforms the other day.  This comes after a colossal collapse that saw the Twins go from first place for a good share of the season to third.

I heard on the radio that Minnesota Twins President Dave St. Peter (who's a University of North Dakota graduate by the way) say the Twins wanted to rebrand their uniforms with a more modern-day look but still keep the look and feel of the team.

Well, Dave.  You failed.  Much like your team did this past season.  These uniforms are just plain "meh."  Boring, plain Jane, nothing special a complete disappointment.  Especially the hats.  They have two different designs on the logo, one similar to the traditional TC that we are used to but the other is a terrible M that looks more like the Miami Marlins.

A BIG swing and a miss Minnesota Twins.  Much like your team last year.  Do I sound a little bitter?  Yep, maybe it's the 40-3 embarrassment the Dallas Cowboys hung on my Minnesota Vikings yesterday.  Yep, it's tough being a Minnesota sports fan.  You become very jaded.  You're always expecting the worst to happen and it always does.

Okay, enough negativity for now.  I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.  Here are the 4 sets of uniforms and 3 different types of hats the Minnesota Twins will be wearing in 2023.


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