Many of us in North Dakota have gone to the Fargo dome for an NDSU game. They are currently on a 32-game home winning streak. That's really impressive to have that many wins at home and they are third in the country for the having the longest winning streak. Currently Georgia Southern holds the number one position with (39, 38) and in second is Eastern Kentucky with (34).

To have that many wins at home is absolutely incredible and that NDSU has the chance to hopefully make it to 39 home game wins and tie Georgia Southern is a big accomplishment. NDSU was recently on a 39-game home winning streak and lost to Southern Illinois. NDSU is known for having long winning streaks and the last team to beat NDSU at home was James Madison in the semifinals game in 2016. I was at that game and it was not a good night so let's hope NDSU can make it to a 40-game winning streak at home.

NDSU is known for being a powerhouse and winning national championships. NDSU has been invited twice to the White House, but only got to go once. They didn't get to go a second time due to Covid-19. The team has the chance to get one win closer with their game against South Dakota State University which was supposed to be Saturday but will be pushed back to Saturday April 17, 2021. They had to postpone the game due to Covid-19 protocols. Do you think NDSU will be able to make it to 40 home game wins in a row?


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