According to NDSU Bison Football Fans, the Fargodome will not be having tailgating for the first few homegames but that could all charge the farther we get into the season. NDSU is known for it's tailgating party's and all the people that go to tailgating. On an average year the general admission tailgating people get in line the night before to get a spot the next morning to tailgate.

Many people are disappointed myself included that the Fargodome won't be having any tailgating but at the end of day it all comes down to safety. We should just be thankful that the football team is able to play. They could have easily cancelled the whole year without any football and so it's great that they are able to have a game.

Fans will be allowed in the stands but it's going to be a much smaller capacity than normal and with the smaller capacity it won't be as loud as it normally is. The Fargodome is known for being a very loud place to play at and can screw the other team up. According to NDSU Bison Fans Nation, NDSU is currently on a 38 game winning streak and they are two games away from tying Washington Huskies from 1908-1914 with 40 wins in a row. They are also 9 wins away from tying Oklahoma Sooners winning streak of 47 wins.

It's going to be an interesting season due to NDSU playing football in the spring and fall but it will still be a lot of fun as it always is.


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