Do you believe in mediums or those who can talk to the other side? There's people on both sides of the specrum, some that believe and some that don't. Some religions don't beliebe in it either, but I think it's actually cool that people can do that.

In North Dakota, believe it or not, we actually have some mediums that live here. We have some that live all around the state. The mediums include: Bismarck The Blue Sky Medium Lora Blue, Fargo Psychic Medium Dean McMurray, West Fargo Bonnie Bee Readings, Jamestown Virgin Psychic. I think that it would be fun to have a reading done. Some people that I know that have had readings say that they can sure tell you a lot about your life and your future.

I know that Dean McMurray comes to Bismarck every once in a while from Fargo, ND and does readings. There's lots of people that said he does a great job. I think it would be cool to have a reading done from more then one person. Would you ever get a medium reading?

It's crazy all of the stuff that happens that no one has any explanations to. Or as some people call it the other side. I've had a number of things happen to me so I can say I believe in the other side but I know that there's some that no matter what they will never believe it. My dad was never a believer until some things happened to him. Maybe the medium can explain what is happening.

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