Have you ever met a medium or had a reading by one? Last week at Townsquare Media on the strip in Mandan, ND we had a medium stop by the station before his show. Dean McMurray stopped by our studios and we asked him to do a walk through of our building to see if he felt any presences. We have been told that the building we work in is haunted. Dean was able to feel some energy when he walked into the old part of the building.

We had Dean McMurray on US 103.3 and he did a reading on myself and he said that a friend of mine that pased away was trying to talk to him and my grandma on my mother's side of the family. He did a interview on Hot 97.5 with Kori B and said that her uncle was trying to talk to her and he told her some great things that her uncle had to say. Dean did his last interview with Bromo on 96.5 the fox.

Dean McMurray spent many years in the military. He comes to Bismarck every once in a while and does shows at the Staybridge Suites by the Gateway Mall. I went to the show and he really surprised a lot of people at the shows with how spot on he was with his readings. Dean also calls himself the Military Medium. The gallery was really cool and I will be attending the next one he has here.

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