Carson Wentz is coming back to Bismarck, ND on Sunday, June 26, 2022, and he will be speaking at Evangel Church. Carson Wentz has spoken at the church before and really likes the church. Carson Wentz is from Bismarck, ND, and is a graduate of Century High School and he also played for the NDSU Bison.

Carson Wentz left North Dakota after getting drafted by the Philadelphia Eagles, he was then later traded to the Indianapolis Colts. Most recently he got picked up by my favorite NFL teams the Washington Commanders. Carson Wentz is a great christian guy and a great guy all around. He has a food truck that he helps serve people with and the food truck is called Thy Kingdom Crumb. The food truck is just one thing that shows how good of a guy Carson Wentz truly is.

Carson Wentz also has his organization AO1. It stands for an audience of one and is another great organization. It's going to be packed at the church watching people go to the services to see Carson Wentz speak and get a chance to meet him. I think this speaks volumes about his character that he comes back here to speak. Carson Wentz has the AO1 softball charity game every year in Fargo, ND.

Carson will do great things at the Washington Commanders and I'm excited about this season as I've been a huge fan my whole life of the team. Having him come to the Commanders was a big bonus.


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