The wind is howling. The snow is drifting. The temperature has dropped over 60 degrees from a week ago. Yup, that is the situation being faced across the Dakota's this week. However, it is NOT all bad. Have you ever thought, just maybe Mother Nature is working with you? She maybe thought, folks, you need a break from the rat race to hunker in and enjoy the comforts of home. And hopefully, enjoy it so with the ones you love. (Quick note: for those that are emergency personnel, DOT, various businesses and companies working around the clock to keep the world functioning, you are in our thoughts and prayers. Be Safe.)


Mother Nature has given you an opportunity to wrap up some "year-end" tasks. Yes, the kids may be home but that is not all bad. Now they can be given tasks, say cleaning their rooms or writing their Christmas wishlists. Even maybe think of getting a leg up on doing some fall cleaning or playing a family game. Think of these wintery days off as a blessing, get out the ole crockpot or instant pot; and make a simple one-pot meal to all enjoy together around the table today. Enjoy one's time, as that my folks is a precious gift. Time is given for you to do as you chose in the place you call home.


These days also offer you an opportune time to KNOCKOUT some of that Christmas shopping that involves ordering online. Shipping timeframes are once again bad this year, so you need to buy now and be glad to have those special gifts as just that. A token of your thoughtfulness versus rushing around last minute. In order to help you out, we've compiled a quick list of great gifts for the various loved ones in your life.


Christmas Gifts To Buy Now

Show You Care!

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