Shootings happen all around the country, we are sadly becoming immune to the almost everyday news of another killing spree...

...however, when it hits us so close to home, then the reality becomes too real. There is a city less than 100 miles from us that has been through enough murderous ordeals, the kind that makes you shake your head "Why?" - I just want to say this, I don't buy the 'heat of the moment, ok to shoot someone dead" excuses. This seems to be what is happening lately in Minot, North Dakota. Just three months ago two people were shot and injured, also at a bar.

Just the fact that someone was walking around carrying a loaded weapon, in a crowded bar, is scary enough...

...and that probably more people do it than we think, is even more terrifying. Last February in a Minot bar, the Dakota Lounge, two people were injured when a man claiming self-defense, shot them. Last night at the Original Bar And Nightclub, right before 2:00 am, a murder took place - another shooting. According to " person was shot and died from their injuries at The Original Bar and Nightclub overnight. Police indicated the suspect is in custody"

Minot Police Department posted an update earlier today

The victim has only been identified as a 32-year-old man ( next of kin waiting to be notified ) - "The Minot Police Department posted an update this morning on their FB page:  We have arrested Travis McDermott for Reckless Endangerment-Extreme Indifference w/ a weapon. The Ward County States Attorney’s office is reviewing this case further"  - another fun environment turned tragic.


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