Montana Governor Steve Bullock announced yesterday that effective immediately, that masks and face coverings are now required for the entire state.  The order is in effect in counties with four or more active cases.  This new directive requires people in business settings to wear face masks according to an article on KFYR-TV.

A far as being outside, you will also have to wear a mask or face covering if you go to an outdoor event where there are 50 or more people in attendance.  This seems like it would effect sporting events, concerts or other outdoor gatherings in Montana.

Montana joins other states like Kansas, Texas, New Mexico & Michigan who have gone to "Mask" requirement in recent weeks.  Minnesota Governor Tim Walz has been also considering a similar directive for the state of Minnesota.  However, some cities in Minnesota have already implemented mask or face covering mandates.  According to an article on WCCO-TV, the following cities have some sort of indoor face mask requirement or will be implementing one in the coming days.  They include Minneapolis, St. Paul, Duluth, Edina, Mankato, Rochester, White Bear Lake & Winona.

So is this something that is coming to North Dakota?  If you asked me this a month ago I would've said you're crazy.  However, with more businesses across the state issuing their own requirements like Menards, Sams, Walmart & Starbucks, I would say it's a distinct possibility.  Especially if we continue to see spikes in COVID-19 across the state of North Dakota and the rest of the country.

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