The Minnesota Vikings offense scored 55 touchdowns during the 2020 season.  That's the 2nd highest amount of touchdowns the Vikings have ever scored before in a season.  Pretty impressive, but yet the Vikings still finished 7-9.  That shows how terrible the Vikings defense was, but more on that in a minute.

Minnesota held off the Detroit Lions with a 37-35 victory on Sunday to cap off a very up and down season for the purple.  If Minnesota would've won just one more game, and finished at 8-8, they still would've made the playoffs.  The Vikings started off the season, by digging themselves into a pretty big hole at 1-5.  The Vikings would then win 5 of their next 6 games to even their record at 6-6.  The playoffs were looking like a likely scenario, even after a terrible start.  However, the Minnesota would then lose the next 3 games to Tampa Bay, Chicago and New Orleans to seal their fate.

Minnesota's offense was historically good.  Viking quarterback Kirk Cousins threw for 4,265 yards this season, which was 8th best in the NFL.  Cousins 35 touchdowns was good for 6th best in the league.  However, his 13 picks had him tied for 31st in the NFL.  To be honest, some of Cousins interceptions really hurt the Vikes this year.  In particular the Atlanta game, which his very first pass of the game was picked off by the Falcons, and the Vikings never recovered.  Again, all it took was one more victory and the Vikings would've made the playoffs.  I believe when Kurt Cousins gets solid pass protection, he's one of the best in the NFL.  Under pressure, he becomes very mediocre to subpar.  Upgrading the Vikings O-Line is a must in the offseason.

Other bright spots include rookie of the year candidate Justin Jefferson, who broke not one, but two of Randy Moss's rookie receiving records for Minnesota.  Jefferson, also broke the NFL's all time receiving yards for a rookie in the Super Bowl area.

Wide Receiver Adam Thielen had another solid season, and Dalvin Cook showed why he's the best running back in the NFL.  You can say what you want about Kirk Cousins, but he's not the reason why this team failed this season, it was the defense.  Partly to blame were the injuries to Pro Bowl players like Danielle Hunter and Anthony Barr.  The secondary was also decimated by injuries, and Minnesota was forced to play several rookies.

If the Vikings can add a player or two on both sides of line, and shore up their secondary, they'll be back for a playoff run in 2021.  They'll also have an easier schedule next season, by finishing 3rd in the division.  I know I'm being the eternal optimist, but the purple will be back next season.  Hopefully, for the better.  SKOL!



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