Car enthusiasts and curious spectators are encourage to line the streets to take in a classic and specialty car parade on Saturday, August 15th.  This event will be sponsored by Butcher Block Meats.  This is the event designed to take the place of the Buggies and Blues event.

Here's the parade route.  A car parade will leave from Mandan Brave Center at 901 Division St. NW at 11am, Saturday, August 15th.  The cars will trave eastbound to Burger King at 1200 East Main Street, where it will finish up.

After the parade is over, the cars will be on display at a handful of parking lots downtown.  They include American Bank Center at 101 East Main Street.  Hirsch Florist located at 211 West Main Street.  M&H Gas station at 322 East Main Street.  Hardees, located at 500 E Main Street, and Fun Fit/Leingang Chiropractic, south parking lot, 301 1st street, Northeast.  Spectators are welcome to get close and personal and meet the owners.

Owners of classic, collectible and specialty cars are invited to participate in the parade.  Registration is NOT required.  You just need to show up at the Brave Center at 10:30 AM on August 15th for staging and a parking lot assignment.  The Mandan Progress Organization asks drivers to display their cars in their assigned parking lot through 2 pm.

So if you enjoy classic cars, this should be a fun event for the whole family.  You'll have two chances to see these classic vehicles.  During the parade and at one the participating parking lots.  You can find more details available online at and at



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