Are you one that likes getting good deals on items? I like to get good deals all the time. There's a store in Bismarck, ND Called Ugly Box Retail and they always have good deals on items. A friend of mine goes in that store all the time and he says that their is always a line of people waiting to get in.

Ugly Box Store gets items from stores that the boxes are damaged and they resell the items. According to a friend of mine they have really good deals. The store is located on Main Street in Bismarck, ND at 1620 E Main Ave, Bismarck, ND 58501. The store has something for everyone and they get items in weekly. On their facebook page they have auctions and sell items that way. Ugly Box Retail starts an item at a price and they just keep lowering in until someone decides they want to buy it. They also sell stuff other ways where people list prices in the comments until it's sold.

Black Friday is coming up next week but it seems like they have those kind of deals everyday at the Ugly Box Store. I'm going to have to stop in some day and check the store out because of all the great deals they have. I like bargin shopping and it appears that place has a lot of bargins. Have you ever been there? What deals did you get? If you'd like more information click here.

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