Last week Butterhorn210 decided to do what any good neighbor would do and they helped Noodlezip out. Many people don't realize how good of a neighborhood we truely live in. It's great that Butterhorn210 would donate a portion of their sales to help out Noodlezip.

There's a lot of places around the country that would never do that for their neighbor. I think if we all thought about our neighbors in the residential areas we'd realize that our neighbors really have done a lot of great things for us. This always doesn't have to be from a financial stand point. It could be as little as letting the neighbor know their headlights got left on or mowing the neighbors grass.

I'm proud to live in a great city that has local businesses helping each other out through this difficult time and deciding to give a portion of their sales just to help the place next door out. That is awesome and you don't hear about that everyday. We have all had a rough going this year in 2020 with the coronavirus. A lot of places are hurting and this truly was an act of kindness to do that for the neighbor.

There's been a lot of bars and places closing lately due to the virus and a staff member getting the virus and anytime you close for a couple of weeks that really hurts the pocketbook due to not having that income flowing in. Here's a link to the go fund me page to help out Noddlezip

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