Please refrain from tearing your steering wheel away from the car, and TRY and not rip your hair out of your skull

I'm from a big city ( San Diego ), and I have seen my share of awful traffic snarls daily, taking forever to drive 20 miles home after work. I'm not trying to be a "You ain't seen nothing..." kind of a snob, cause I understand anyone's frustration with extra, stupid cramped areas of nonsense cars backed up because of poor street execution. "You mean like the one-lane Main Street From Hell"  Yes, that's exactly what I am referring to ( I see many heads out there nodding in agreement )

Earlier today on the Bismarck People Reporting News Group Facebook Page I saw for myself all the comments from others who HATE that street with a passion

You could feel the tempers churning with each written word " One Lane Main Street STUFFED OVER AGAIN!, once again a CRAP IDEA - 9 BLOCKS head-2-head traffic!! ...literally from 3rd St. to 12th St. NONSTOP 1 LANE JUNK!! takes nearly 15-20min for 9 blocks .... Bismarck -Allow traffic to move!!" Obviously, so many people wrote in that they refuse to even go down that street, one person even said if he had to go 10 miles out of his way to avoid the misery he would, and it would be so worth it.

So do you take pity on this poor street? Do you have your own hated path in BisMan you avoid?

We all seem to have one or two least favorite streets in town that may cause your blood pressure to go sky-high. All I can say is try and take a deeper breath next time you come across it.


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