I always hear many people say there isn't enough to do for kids in the BisMan area. Bisman has a few things for kids to do including: Skyzone, McDonalds Play area, splash pad, multiple pools, and ragging rivers water park, bmx racing track, McDowell Dam, The Zoo, Superslide AmuseMent Park, bowling, Midway Lanes arcade games and a few other places.

BisMan has lost a lot of stuff for kids to do including both snoopers, indoor roller skating, hillside waterslide and a few other places. The North Snoopers was a lot of fun and the bumper cars were a blast. It would be nice if we had more for the younger people to do.

What do you think BisMan needs the most? I've heard many people say they would love more things for kids to do. I agree with that completely but instead of always building outdoor fun stuff they should worry about building more indoors due to our long winters. Many people have stated they wanted a Dave and Buster, axe throwing, topgolf, indoor roller skating, indoor go karts, laser tag, a place like snoopers North used to be, big indoor waterpark. I personally think it would be awesome if we could build a theme park like the Valley Fair or Six Flags. BisMan is lacking when it comes to indoor attractions. I think it would be cool if we could get something indoors to enjoy in the winter months. What would you like to see come to BisMan?

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