Yelloh, formerly known to just about everyone in North Dakota as Schwan's Food Delivery might be leaving our state altogether.  

According to an email obtained by a current employee who didn't want to be named, said it will be closing its last few locations in North Dakota for good.  Including the one in Bismarck as soon as December 8th, 2023.

The employee told us here at Townsquare Media, that it's basically the restructure plan and Yelloh will be focusing on the more profitable areas of the country.

I have fond memories of the pale yellow Schwan's delivery truck in my neighborhood.  

I remember they had the BEST butter brickle ice cream on the planet.  They were known for a lot of frozen foods as well, (meats, seafood, deserts, meals, fruits and vegetables, and even pet food) but all a 12-year-old kid remembers is ice cream. They delivered to my home growing up and pretty much on a weekly basis.

Fear not, if you love Yelloh (Schwan's) you still have one option to get that butter brickle ice cream and all of your other frozen food favorites.

Yelloh (formerly known as Schwan's Food Delivery) will still give you the option of ordering online and having your frozen food items shipped UPS to wherever you live in North Dakota.  If you're a fan, at least you still have that option going forward.  Butter brickle save.  Thank God!

You can do so by going to the Yelloh website here.  I for one am sad to see them leave Bismarck.

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